People say this must be secret to other competitor
That's why We say "SECRET EQUIPMENT"


The designer of our soft bait products also designs semiconductor equipment
and precision laser alignment equipment amongst other things.
Every machine needs to be accurate.

Our soft bait designs also need to be precision to replicate live bait.
We follow one process which is “plan, do, check, act, cycle” put forward by Walter Andrew Shewhart
and William Edwards Deming in that we design soft bait with the same care and precision
as what goes into the other equipment designed.

We also monitor and analyze ecology / behavior of fish and compile statistics for use within our designs.
Based on these statistics and on success and fail rates of existing/previous designs,
we are able to provide high-grade products to the market which passed perform exceptionally.
MOS Fishing worms use and developed the super pin tail technology.
Please give it a try and you will find out for yourself!